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Throughout history, London Bridge has been recreated several times. The most renowned and venerable of these reincarnations was the “Old” Medieval bridge which was built in the early 13th century during the sovereignty of John Lackland, the King of England, successor of Henry III. For over six centuries, this bridge made of stone and timber was primary crossing point over the River Thames, transporting livestock, goods and people across the river.

After six hundred and twenty two years, after the pressures of winter ice, a fire and general wear and tear, the original bridge deteriorated severely and had to be rebuilt.

The New London Bridge was designed by a well-known engineer named John Rennie. Unfortunately he passed away before the construction began therefore his two children took over his project. The new bridge was built and opened by 1831. Unfortunately Rennie’s bridge did not survive very long which led to the current Modern London Bridge being built in 1972.

Over several centuries, this iconic bridge has become an eminent landmark in London, attracting millions of tourists each year.