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Stirling Ackroyd Legal are specialists in Wills, Probate,  Estate administration and all aspects of wealth protection and inheritance planning for individuals and their families.  We offer legal advice to private individuals and their families, executors and trustees from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures.

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We have a vast amount of experience dealing with all issues relating to Wills, Probate, Tax and Trusts, including:

  • Asset and Liability Investigations in an Estate
  • Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax
  • Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration
  • Selling or Transferring Assets
  • Deeds of Variation
  • Deeds of Family Arrangement

It is perhaps surprising to learn that many people have not prepared a will, this can create untold difficulties for the surviving spouse and family:

  • The family home may have to be sold
  • A surviving spouse will not necessarily inherit everything
  • An unmarried partner does not have automatic entitlement
  • Children may be unintentionally disinherited

To avoid unnecessary worry and potential disputes for the surviving family, our Will and Probate lawyers will help you with all aspects of preparing a Will; we do this with understanding and sensitivity, providing you with peace of mind that your Estate is taken care of when you pass away.

We employ specialist tax advisors to deal with your property and personal tax issues.

Probate And Administration Of Estates

Probate law deals with all the legal matter relating to the affairs of someone who has passed away. If you have been appointed an executor, dealing with the legal and financial formalities can be challenging and at times, overwhelming. It helps to have an experienced probate lawyer to guide you through the complex process. Our specialist probate team at Stirling Ackroyd Legal will:

  • Handle all the paperwork, sort through it and contact all relevant authorities.
  • Obtain the Grant of Probate
  • Submit inheritance tax forms and advise on how it can be minimised
  • Advise on settlement of any debts
  • Organise the payout to beneficiaries
  • Arrange for the sale of assets
  • Complete final accounts

Estate Administration - Probate Or Intestacy

When an individual dies the executor(s) of the Will become responsible for estate administration. The responsibility of the executor(s) includes:

  • Collecting all monies, property, possessions and other assets
  • Paying off all debts
  • Paying inheritance tax
  • Distributing the estate to beneficiaries

If a person dies without leaving a Will, the person is said to have died “Intestate” and the Intestacy Rules determine who can be appointed as the Administrators of the estate.

The role of Executor or Administrator can be a difficult and emotional one. If you are appointed an Executor or Estate Administrator you are free to instruct a Solicitor of your choice to assist you with the Estate Administration.

Mental Capacity Issues And Court Of Protection (Power of attorney/deputyship applications)

In the event that a member of your family or a loved one becomes incapable of making decisions for themselves, for example, due to an accident, deterioration of mental health, learning difficulties or an accident, our specialist team of lawyers are on hand to help make sure your affairs and those of loved ones are in order. Often this can involve creating personal injury trusts, powers of attorney or deputy applications.

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