Stirling Ackroyd Legal’s service to buyers includes the provision of Legal Packs for the properties which are about to be auctioned. We strongly encourage you to appoint Stirling Ackroyd Legal team to undertake strict due diligence prior to starting the bidding process at auction.

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Stirling Ackroyd Legal have a network of chartered surveyors who will be happy to provide formal valuations of any lot of which you may be interested. We have the industry knowledge and experience to put you in touch with our vast network of surveyors valuers and agents.

If you are planning to buy a property at auction, we will request a legal pack from the vendor's solicitors for the property. This pack will contain local authority searches, any special conditions of sale, any leases and tenancy agreements, protocol forms and office copy entries.

If you are planning to sell a property or a portfolio at auction, you will need to provide all interested parties with a legal pack. Contact us for an initial consultation and quote.

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